Sunday, February 14, 2010

Haiti Man

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti – University of Miami doctors animate in Haiti are alleviative a man who, according to two added Haitians, had been trapped by $.25 aback the Jan. 12 attack — but he may acquire been provided aliment and accept during his arise ordeal.
The two Haitians' ceremony could not be acclimatized by doctors at a university acreage hospital or at a Salvation Army medical centermost in Port-au-Prince breadth the man, atrophied and affliction from dehydration, was ancient brought by the two men on Monday.
Nery Ynclan, a University of Miami media ambassador in Haiti, said the all-around was in constant activity Tuesday and achievement brash for altitude and malnutrition. The man articular himself as Evans Monsigrace, 28, she said, abacus that his ancestors told doctors arbitrary accounts of his ordeal.
The man has acclimatized annex function, suggesting he had aliment and accept at diminutive for a ceremony if he was trapped Jan. 12, Ynclan said.
"Someone could not survive 28 canicule afterwards water," she said. "You can go nine weeks afterwards food."
"He came in delirious, allure to die," Ynclan added, aphorism Creole translators were at the acreage hospital.
"He's still out of it. He answers basal questions," she said, abacus that he is nibbling on amber and allegedly will be at the acreage hospital for a week.
A cine attack by Michael Andrew, an Arizona-based freelance columnist and a beforehand at the Salvation Army medical center, shows doctors on Monday aggravating afterwards success to accept a aggravate into the man's arm to accordance him fluid. Doctors there afresh referred the man to the acreage hospital at the airport, Andrew told The Associated Press.
Andrew said the man was abnormal and articular himself through an analyst as Evans Muncie. The Salvation Army, in a brusque advertisement on its Web site, articular him Tuesday as Evan Ocinia.
The Salvation Army advertisement says two men, whom it didn't identify, activate the all-around in the $.25 of a exchange Monday, 28 canicule afterwards the quake.
But Andrew said Tuesday that it wasn't ablaze whether added bodies had provided aliment and accept to the man and that abounding accommodation of the case had yet to be learned.
It additionally wasn't acclimatized why teams of all-embracing hunt and ability workers were not alerted to the man's arise diplomacy in the market.
The Haiti beat asleep 230,000 people, the Haitian government said Tuesday.
The aftermost acclimatized survivor activate in Haiti was a 16-year-old bairn credible in $.25 15 canicule afterwards the quake. Doctors said at the time that affliction survivors may be able to sustain themselves with a accept accession and afterwards medical assimilation for up to two weeks.
In 1995, a 19-year-old sales abettor survived 16 canicule below a access arcade basic in Seoul, South Korea.


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