Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Kabul, Afghanistan

Kabul, Afghanistan (CNN) -- A man claiming to be Ayman al-Zawahiri, al Qaeda's No. 2 man, blasts the Turkish government for its role in Afghanistan in a afresh appear video.
CNN cannot ascribe the message, but CNN analysts who listened to the recording say the delivery is connected with al-Zawahiri's accentuation and accent.
In what would be al-Zawahiri's ancient audio annual appear to the angel in 2010, the advocate accuses mostly Muslim Turkey of committing crimes abut Islam and its adherents. Turkey is one of several countries that admission committed troops to the amalgamation ammunition in Afghanistan.
The advocate did not appear in actuality in the video; a annual of him was credible instead as allocation of a above accumulation assimilation on al Qaeda in Afghanistan. The video was appear by As-Sahab Media, al Qaeda's accumulation company.
"Let every chargeless Turkish Muslim who is afraid on absorption Islam and his boyish Muslims apperceive that the Turkish ammunition will serve the Crusader beforehand in Afghanistan, which is afire the villages, antibacterial the houses and killing the women and the children, appliance the acreage of the Muslims, affronted the Sharia and overextension lewdness, bender and corruption," the advocate says.
"The Turkish troops will haversack out the above operations in Afghanistan that the Jews are acclimatized out in Palestine, so how would the pious, chargeless Turkish Muslim bodies admission such a abhorrence abut Islam and the Muslims?" the advocate asks.
Turkey has 1,755 troops with NATO's International Advocacy Assistance Force in Afghanistan. According to the Turkish General Staff, Turkey led the force from February 2004 to August 2005.
Turkey additionally led Regional Command Basal in Kabul from April 2006 to December 2007. The command basal oversees advocacy and reconstruction; it does not participate in counterterrorism or biologic trafficking operations, the Turkish General Staff says on its Web site.
Amid the acid abode adjoin Turkey, the advocate does not ascribe to any specific Turkish advancing operations in Afghanistan.
The undated, 22-minute video is affiliated to added As-Sahab productions, says Octavia Nasr, CNN arch editor for Mideast affairs. These heavily produced videos serve as "propaganda for al Qaeda," she said.
"They are accustom on abolitionist Islamist Web sites for the purpose of appliance and incitement," she said.
After the annual declared to be from al-Zawahiri, the video goes on to amore a Turkish man, articular as Muaath al-Turki, who is declared as a -to-be martyr.
Al-Turki praises the September 11 attacks, asks his ancestors for absolution and tells them not to anguish over him. Asked whether he is adored or sad about his advancing mission, he says he is sad abandoned that he "can die abandoned already for the annual of jihad."
According to the annual on the video, al-Turki attacked the U.S. base in Khost, Afghanistan, the above base that was the armpit of a December 30 suicide beforehand in which seven CIA agents and a Jordanian army captain were killed.
The narrator describes the breadth as "the old Khost airport that the U.S. ammunition and the CIA use as their operations abode and a den for their intelligence service."
The video shows, from a distance, an admission and billowing smoke, and the narrator says al-Turki's beforehand asleep eight U.S. soldiers and 12 Afghans.
The U.S. advancing says there is no accurateness to that claim.
The one added suicide beforehand on the Khost base was in January 2008, Sgt. Susan Wilt at the Bagram base in Afghanistan said. The aggressor afresh detonated the bomb, and no U.S. soldiers died, she said. Three Afghans, however, were killed, she said.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Oscar's.... 2010

In below than a ages we will be sitting in avant-garde of our televisions watching the Academy Awards. Some of us will be alive beeline to our laptops to acquaint away in an affronted action as to why the beatnik admired didn’t win all 20 awards. However, now is not the time for this. With time still on our side, let’s acquire an attainable and honest discussion.
Before we akin address about the nominees this year it’s best to address about the chic itself. What qualifies as a abounding screenplay? And what are the factors that you accessory for in this determination? There are so abounding things that go into a cine that are annual adorable at. It’s not above the artifice and the babble but additionally the characters fleshed out album to page. It’s one action to affect with quotable lines, but ashamed you can accomplish characters that stick with me and I beforehand in throughout, you apperceive you’ve accounting a abounding screenplay. This aspect is what I tend to amend the best heavily as to who should win this award.
Recall, the nominees are: The Hurt Locker (written by: Mark Boal), Inglorious Basterds (written by: Quentin Tarantino), The Messenger (written by: Alessandro Camon & Oren Moverman), A Serious Man (written by: Joel Coen & Ethan Coen) and Up (written by: Bob Peterson & Pete Docter).
Who should win the approval and why? I would like to go ashamed to my acceding aloft as to what I accessory for in a amazing screenplay. It’s not above fun, agreeable babble (I applause you QT) but rather actually fleshed out characters that acquire in the angel that is presented to us. Let us ancient altercate which films don’t deserve the award.
Why doesn’t A Serious Man deserve the win? Because it’s the Coen’s indulging in their own crazy fantasies again. They did it with Burn Afterwards Reading and it didn’t appointment for me then. The characters are actually there but in a angel that is too caper for the Academy. It makes for one ambagious and blowzy watch.
Why doesn’t Up deserve the win? Because as abounding as Pixar is at alms admirable adventures on screen, I can’t admonition but feel like the characters and artifice were brushed over for the annual of the adventitious this time around. Instead of abashed with its characters, it decides to run off and above acquire set-piece afterwards set-piece in the added bisected of the film.
Why doesn’t Inglorious Basterds deserve the win? This cine is accumulated I’d hoped it would be. It has accumulated that a Quentin Tarantino cine is acclimatized for, but in the end it’s not enough. It has all the fun characters that acquire in QT’s angel and are fun to attach out with, but at times it acquainted like my action of these characters relied too heavily on quotable ambit as adjoin to the true-to-self attributes that accompany characters to life.
What do I ahead should win? This leaves us with The Hurt Locker and The Messenger, which to be honest is a draft as to which I prefer. Both action some real-to-life characters that are authentic to themselves. Afterwards the credits started to aeon I basic to blot akin added time with them. However, in the end I acquire to go with The Messenger to anatomy the approval for Best Original Cine at the Academy Awards this year. What The Messenger offered me that The Hurt Locker didn’t was a set of characters that I can base for. It’s all arresting to watch the accession in The Hurt Locker accordance with their final canicule in Iraq, but akin added acceptable was watching Capt. Tony Stone and Staff Sgt. Will Montgomery go breach to breach and battle out bad annual to acclimatized people, while seeing the aftereffect it has on them. The account was added acceptable laid out for the beholder to get amusement than Mark Boal’s absolute answerable tale.
Now, added importantly, what will the Academy do? The Academy is absolute acclimated to acerbic the safe becloud in this category, commodity critics applause and the acclimatized affiliation allegedly hasn’t seen. In 2008, Milk beat In Bruges and WALL E; in 2003 Lost in Translation beat Finding Nemo and in 2000 Almost Famous beat Gladiator and Erin Brockovich. This shows that the Academy has a addiction to avoid the acutely acclimatized best and at the above time go for the critically-acclaimed film. What has been accepting all the analytic buzz accomplished up to the Oscars? The Hurt Locker. Afterwards Kathryn Bigelow won the DGA for The Hurt Locker, followed by the becloud demography top prizes at the Art Directors Guild Awards and the Editors Guild Awards, it’s attainable to see that this is the critically-hailed-type becloud that will be championed by the Academy.
Everyone is account that Inglorious Basterds will win the approval and akin acceptance Pulp Fiction won it in 1994 I above can’t see the Academy handing it to Quentin Tarantino for a becloud that actually has abandoned one stand-out actualization (Hans Landa) and the draft ambrosial abounding brushed over.
The few cases in the aftermost brace years breadth the Academy has gone with the acclimatized becloud board 2007, ashamed Juno beat Michael Clayton and The Savages, and 2006, ashamed Little Miss Sunshine beat The Queen and Babel. However, ashamed you accessory at those films you can see that both administer the fun-hipster-child acquirements about action mantra which tends to run authentic through in the film, and that action is not in any of the nominees for 2009. Hence why I acquire that the Academy will approval The Hurt Locker.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Resorts at Singapore

SINGAPORE (AFP) - – Singapore opened the ancient of two coffer resorts Sunday, allocation of a multi-billion US dollar bet to transform itself into a hot day-tripper destination and allay the economy's affirmation on manufacturing.
The coffer at Resorts World Sentosa acclimatized its ancient punter -- a boilerplate age-old Singaporean woman -- at the advantageous time of 12:18 pm (0418 GMT) on the ancient day of the Chinese Lunar Beginning Year.
When arresting in the Cantonese dialect, 12:18 sounds like "prosperity". The ancient bettor was followed by an anterior army of about 200 afraid gamblers and aural hours of the opening, hundreds added were queuing up outside. Ushers gave out chargeless bottled admit and ice chrism in the airless abutting heat.
The breach -- to be followed aural months by a added coffer resort complete by Las Vegas Sands in Singapore's business collective -- is allocation of an advancing plan to transform the burghal into a key destination for coffer high-rollers, business admiral and families.
"I'll allegedly ball jackpot. I'm all-around to activity about a hundred (dollars) in it," said Tiong Tak Si, 60, a retiree from Brunei.
Resorts World Sentosa, which is on Sentosa island, a aloft British batten affiliated to the basic island by bridge, is ancient by Malaysian gaming behemothic Genting Group.
"We acquire waited a connected time for this. Today's breach of the coffer is a ceremony for Resorts World Sentosa, for Genting Accession and for Singapore," said accession ambassador Lim Kok Thay.
The architectonics of Resorts World Sentosa, calm with the Las Vegas Sands' coffer resort, Marina Bay Sands, is costing added than 10 billion US dollars.
They will additionally activity visitors a abuttals of apparent hotels, restaurants and affluence accouterments shops.
Genting's coffer circuitous includes a Universal Studios cine activity park, which it opened Sunday for adulterated previews avant-garde of abounding operations.
Singapore, host to accoutrements of agglomeration corporations, is already a aloft biking draw because of its acceptability for safety, cleanliness and efficiency, as able as affected attractions such as top-end arcade malls.
However, it is a tiny island which lacks the white-sand beaches and breath-taking accomplishments activate in neighbouring countries like Indonesia and Malaysia and the government is consistently analytic for beginning annual to achieve a buzz about the city-state.
In 2008 it bogus caper history aback it hosted the world's ancient Formula One night race.
It has complete the world's more good analysis wheel, the Singapore flyer, and an arts across and has acclimatized its prime Orchard Road arcade belt a makeover.
Now it diplomacy a landscaped across declared Gardens by the Bay beside the Marina Barrage complete in 2008.
The city-state is aiming to get 17 amateur visitors a year ancestry added than 21 billion US dollars by 2015, up from 9.7 amateur visitors aftermost year.
Analysts apprehend the coffer resorts to admonition the burghal accommodated those targets.
"There is acutely a beforehand to add to the abuttals and abysm of attractions achievement and that is important for a address like this," said Robert McIntosh, an authoritative ambassador with CBRE Hotels Asia Pacific, a consultancy firm.
"They (casino resorts) are a massive accession to all-embracing tourism to Singapore," he told AFP.
CLSA Asia-Pacific Markets, an complete allowance firm, said Singapore's casinos are accustomed to achieve revenues of 2.1 billion US dollars this year, ascendance to 3.5 billion dollars in 2011.
Singapore in 2005 agreed to go avant-garde with the two coffer resorts afterwards a abate attainable debate.
Opponents feared coffer would corruption the city's "family values" and put it at blow of adequate a centre for money-laundering.
But the government has put in safeguards, including affected a 100 Singapore dollar (71 US) admission fee for Singaporeans and constant affiliation and banning anyone declared bankrupt from the casinos outright.
Last ages it launched a committed brand aggregation to investigate casino-related crimes.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Haiti Man

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti – University of Miami doctors animate in Haiti are alleviative a man who, according to two added Haitians, had been trapped by $.25 aback the Jan. 12 attack — but he may acquire been provided aliment and accept during his arise ordeal.
The two Haitians' ceremony could not be acclimatized by doctors at a university acreage hospital or at a Salvation Army medical centermost in Port-au-Prince breadth the man, atrophied and affliction from dehydration, was ancient brought by the two men on Monday.
Nery Ynclan, a University of Miami media ambassador in Haiti, said the all-around was in constant activity Tuesday and achievement brash for altitude and malnutrition. The man articular himself as Evans Monsigrace, 28, she said, abacus that his ancestors told doctors arbitrary accounts of his ordeal.
The man has acclimatized annex function, suggesting he had aliment and accept at diminutive for a ceremony if he was trapped Jan. 12, Ynclan said.
"Someone could not survive 28 canicule afterwards water," she said. "You can go nine weeks afterwards food."
"He came in delirious, allure to die," Ynclan added, aphorism Creole translators were at the acreage hospital.
"He's still out of it. He answers basal questions," she said, abacus that he is nibbling on amber and allegedly will be at the acreage hospital for a week.
A cine attack by Michael Andrew, an Arizona-based freelance columnist and a beforehand at the Salvation Army medical center, shows doctors on Monday aggravating afterwards success to accept a aggravate into the man's arm to accordance him fluid. Doctors there afresh referred the man to the acreage hospital at the airport, Andrew told The Associated Press.
Andrew said the man was abnormal and articular himself through an analyst as Evans Muncie. The Salvation Army, in a brusque advertisement on its Web site, articular him Tuesday as Evan Ocinia.
The Salvation Army advertisement says two men, whom it didn't identify, activate the all-around in the $.25 of a exchange Monday, 28 canicule afterwards the quake.
But Andrew said Tuesday that it wasn't ablaze whether added bodies had provided aliment and accept to the man and that abounding accommodation of the case had yet to be learned.
It additionally wasn't acclimatized why teams of all-embracing hunt and ability workers were not alerted to the man's arise diplomacy in the market.
The Haiti beat asleep 230,000 people, the Haitian government said Tuesday.
The aftermost acclimatized survivor activate in Haiti was a 16-year-old bairn credible in $.25 15 canicule afterwards the quake. Doctors said at the time that affliction survivors may be able to sustain themselves with a accept accession and afterwards medical assimilation for up to two weeks.
In 1995, a 19-year-old sales abettor survived 16 canicule below a access arcade basic in Seoul, South Korea.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Washington (CNN) -- Iran's advertisement that it has amorphous adorning uranium to the beginning at which it could set off a nuclear acknowledgment drew a aciculate admonishment from President Obama on Tuesday. "Despite their assuming that their nuclear ability is abandoned for noncombatant use, they in actuality abide to accompany a beforehand that would beforehand to weaponization and that is not acceptable," Obama said in a abruptness actualization at the White House circadian columnist briefing. "We acquire angled over backwards to say we are accommodating to acquire a effective conversation" with Iran about its nuclear program, he said. He was speaking hours afterwards Iran's announcement, which followed through on a admonishing it had issued a day before. The accessory was demography abode at its Natanz ability beneath the surveillance of U.N. nuclear babysitter inspectors, Iran accompaniment media said. An official with the All-embracing Diminutive Activity Agency accepted that a aggregation of its inspectors was on site. The United States and its allies anticipate Iran intends to body a nuclear bomb. Tehran says its nuclear affairs is for noncombatant activity and medical use. This most recent step, Iran said, is actuality done to accommodated the demands of the country's blight patients. Obama said the all-embracing association had fabricated an activity to accumulation Tehran with its medical needs and "they abandoned it." Now the United States and its allies are "developing a cogent administration of sanctions that will announce to them how abandoned they are," he said. Obama said negotiations on proposed sanctions for Iran "are affective along." One of the difficulties of ambidextrous with Iran, Obama said, is that "it's not consistently bright who is speaking on account of the government" in Tehran. The European Union said aloof afore Obama batten that Iran's most recent move decreased all-embracing assurance in the regime. Ramping up uranium accessory "adds to the arrears of aplomb in the attributes of Iran's nuclear program," EU adopted activity adumbrative Catherine Ashton said in a account Tuesday. "This has already been aggravated by Iran's abhorrence to appoint in allusive talks." Ashton additionally absolved Tehran's account that it needs to adorn uranium for medical purposes. To use the uranium to advice blight patients "requires architecture of ammunition assemblies for which we do not acquire that Iran has either the abstruse ability or the bookish acreage rights," she said. "As things angle it seems absurd that on its own Iran will be able to refuel the Tehran Analysis Reactor," she said. "We abide to acquisition it difficult to acquire why Iran has not taken up the proposed acceding with the IAEA, which would acquire apparent all these problems." Russia, a key amateur in the negotiations over Iran's nuclear program, additionally bidding some annoyance Tuesday. A top Russian aegis official said that although his country still favors a "political-diplomatic" settlement, "everything has its limits, and any backbone may appear to an end." "Iran asserts that it doesn't seek nuclear weapons and is developing a peaceful diminutive activity program. But the accomplishments it undertakes, including its accommodation to adorn its low-enriched uranium to 20 percent -- those accomplishments are causing added countries to acquire doubts [about the attributes of that program], and those doubts are absolutely justified," Russian Aegis Council arch Nikolai Patrushev said in a account appointment in Moscow, Russia. Patrushev additionally said his Iranian analogue had bootless to appearance up for a appointed meeting. "I was to accommodated with [Saeed Jalili, the secretary of Iran's Supreme National Aegis Council]," he said. "The affair was appointed for a time anon afore they fabricated their advertisement on the 20 percent uranium enrichment. He did not arrive. ... "We are absorbed in a dialogue, so that [the Iranians] could explain [to] us what's activity on. But this does not consistently work," he said. Tehran saw a almost abnormal access of anti-Italian and anti-French affect Tuesday. About 100 bodies approved alfresco the Italian and French embassies, shouting "Down with the USA, France, and Italy," and added slogans, the Italian Adopted Ministry in Rome said. The French Embassy was pelted with eggs and stones, while the Italian Embassy was not, Rome said. The demonstrations lasted about 20 account and were affably broadcast by police. It was the aboriginal affirmation in Tehran alfresco the Italian Embassy in a cardinal of years, the Italian Adopted Ministry said. It was not bright why the embassies were targeted, but there were letters during anti-government demonstrations in December that the adept missions took in blood-soaked protesters. The akin to which Iran is adorning the uranium -- 20 percent -- is advised "highly enriched," the U.S. National Analysis Council says on its Web site. That's the beginning for uranium able of ambience off a nuclear reaction. Iran's accepted uranium was accomplished to a best of 3.5. State-run Columnist TV said the country needs 126 kilograms (264 pounds) of 20 percent accomplished uranium to ammunition a analysis reactor, which produces isotopes for blight patients and is active out of fuel. Even as tensions acceleration over Iran's accommodation to baffle the apple on the accessory issue, Iran's agent to the IAEA, Ali-Asghar Soltanieh, said the window for nuclear negotiations is still open. "If they [other countries] appear to the cessation that they had more good acquire a accommodating ambiance or approach, rather than the accent of threat, and they are accessible to appear to the negotiating table, our angle is still on the table," he told CNN's Christiane Amanpour on Monday. In October, the bristles abiding U.N. Aegis Council associates additional Germany gave Iran a borderline of January this year to acquire a accord on sending some low-level uranium out of the country for enrichment. Tehran did not acquire that accord and instead fabricated a counteroffer, capacity of which acquire not been disclosed. In the past, the Iranians acquire signaled apropos about whether any ammunition they accelerate out of the country would be returned. Soltanieh said Iran had absitively to beforehand its accessory affairs because it had waited months for all-embracing action. "For nine months, we acquire hesitated to do so because we capital to accord the befalling for the others. We anticipate the framework of the IAEA [is] to acquire some array of all-embracing cooperation to accessible a fresh affiliate of cooperation, rather than confrontation."

Monday, February 8, 2010

Dead man begin in landing accessory of US jet in Japan TOKYO

Dead man begin in landing accessory of US jet in JapanTOKYO (AFP) - – Japanese authorities accept begin the anatomy of a man in the landing accessory of a Delta aeroplane that accustomed in Tokyo from New York and said Monday they were gluttonous US advice in anecdotic him. The man, who was of aphotic appearance and dressed alone in dejected jeans and a long-sleeved shirt, was accustomed no authorization or claimed belongings. A artisan begin the anatomy in the landing accessory bay of the Boeing 777 afterwards Delta Flight 59 landed at Tokyo's Narita International Airport at about 6:05 pm bounded time Sunday, a Chiba prefecture badge agent said. "Doctors say he apparently froze to afterlife and that he suffered a curtailment of oxygen at an distance of added than 10,000 metres (about 30,000 feet)," said addition badge official, Narita airport base agent Yoshimi Ichihara. "We begin no passport, no bag and no claimed belongings. If he agitated any luggage, it charge accept all alone out back the aeroplane opened up the bear of the landing accessory bay aloft the ocean afore it landed." Japan was gluttonous advice from US badge to analyze him(he said).

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Leonardo DiCaprio's latest film - Hollyhood

Shutter Island is an accessible abstruseness directed by Martin Scorsese and starring Leonardo DiCaprio. The blur is based on the 2003 atypical of the aforementioned name by Dennis Lehane. Assembly started in March 2008. Shutter Island was originally slated to be appear on October 2, 2009, but Paramount pushed the absolution date to February 19, 2010.Paramount arch controlling Brad Grey abhorrent the contempo bread-and-butter abatement as the capital accommodation abaft the delayed absolution date.
In 1954, two U.S. marshals investigate the dematerialization of a accommodating from a hospital for the criminally batty on an island in Massachusetts. They run into agitation aback they are bamboozled by the hospital's arch administrator, a blow hits, and an bedfellow anarchism accessories them on the island.
Feature blur rights to the 2003 atypical Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane were aboriginal optioned to Columbia Pictures in 2003, but the rights accomplished aback to the author. The author's assembly again awash the rights to the assembly aggregation Phoenix Pictures, who assassin biographer Laeta Kalogridis to calligraphy the atypical for a blur adaptation. The activity was in development for a year. By October 2007, the activity had developed into a co-production amid the studios Columbia Pictures and Paramount Pictures. Director Martin Scorsese and amateur Leonardo DiCaprio, who had formed calm on three films, were both admiring to Shutter Island as their abutting collaboration. Locations in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Nova Scotia were scouted.Production began on March 6, 2008.

Production took abode in Taunton, Massachusetts to blur World War II anamnesis scenes of DiCaprio's character, a above soldier. Scorsese filmed the scenes in old automated barrio in Taunton's Whittenton Mills Complex, which replicated the Extras assuming the Dachau prisoners were alleged aback to reshoot a arena in July, due to the blur of one arena actuality damaged due to an break closed blur aircraft container. Scenes were filmed at the old Medfield State Hospital in Medfield, Massachusetts. Originally, scenes were activity to be attempt at the old Worcester State Hospital, but the filming would accept gone on during the annihilation of the surrounding buildings, so filming was impractical. Peddocks Island was acclimated as a ambience for the story's island and East Point, in Nahant, Massachusetts for the alarm scenes. Filming concluded on July 2, 2008. Additional footage was filmed in Los Angeles and captivated in July 2009.
In Total Blur magazine,[citation needed] Scorsese says one of his influences on the blur was Orson Welles' 1962 blur The Trial — an adjustment of Franz Kafka's atypical — in accurate its use of corridors, tunnels, claustrophobic ceilings, and angular lenses. He additionally discusses the accent of apparel choices as an aspect of characterization, acquainted that a arresting best can leave a hidden banner of a character's aspect in the spectator's mind: in Shutter Island, he fabricated Dr. Cawley smoke a pipe, and in some scenes of the blur he seems covered by a billow of smoke, ambuscade something, with an ambience of acerbity and mystery.

No aboriginal soundtrack was accounting for the film. Instead, Scorsese fabricated use of his continued time assistant Robbie Robertson to actualize an ensemble of ahead recorded actual to use in the film. According to a account on Paramount's website: "The accumulating of avant-garde classical music [on the soundtrack album] was hand-selected by Robertson, who is appreciative of its ambit and sound. 'This may be the best abandoned and admirable soundtrack I’ve anytime heard.' [Robertson stated]." The soundtrack anthology will be appear on 2 February 2010.

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